Medical Support

The research and development of Swiss Stem Cell products is led by the IFCTP . With the merging of U.S.A.’s and Europe’s cell therapeutic research and development laboratories and institutes, the International Federation of Cell Therapy for Professionals, USA & Europe is formed. The IFCTP proudly introduces the new generation of cell therapy – Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs).

Our International Federation is dedicated to improve and enhance medical care for patients with chronic-degenerative diseases and ailments of old age by facilitating clinical research in organotherapy and iPSCs transplantation as well as by cooperating with recognized medical professionals and societies in the field of anti-ageing and preventive medicine.

Our International Federation aims to provide current and resourceful information to medical- and wellness professionals as well as their patients regarding technical and clinical advances in the field of organ extracts and cellular therapies