About Swiss Stem Cell

Swiss Stem Cell Corporation

Stem Cell Therapy Specialists since 2008

Established in 2008, Swiss Stem Cell Corporation is a leader in Swiss Cell Therapies (regenerative medicine) for anti-ageing, beauty and optimum health.

Based in Malaysia, Swiss Stem Cell Corporation products include premium quality anti-ageing therapeutic cellular extracts directly from Switzerland, as well as nutritional supplement & clinical beauty products.

Since then, Swiss Stem Cell Corporation has expanded throughout East Malaysia and has initiated projection in its expansion throughout West Malaysia. Moreover, Swiss Stem Cell Corporation at the moment is acquiring a multi-storey architecture, to convert it into a full-fletched anti-ageing and healthcare centre, with the emphasis in Swiss cell therapy.

Swiss Stem Cell Corporation has solid future plans in expanding its premium Swiss cell therapies to various South East Asia countries namely Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Brunei.

With the strong support of the medical advisory board from The International Federation of Cell Therapy Professionals (I.F.C.T.P.), Europe, U.S.A. and South East Asia; Swiss Stem Cell Corporation can confidently fulfill thousands of customer requests in their health and medical issues professionally. The medical advisory group from Switzerland, Europe consisting of cell biologists, scientists, doctors and cell therapist forms a strong core of support for Swiss Stem Cell  Corporation and hence, the production of Swiss cell therapeutics for the them.

With all the above aim in mind and action, we believe we will go for forward, and this heritage will continue to earn us favourable commendation through the years.


In association with Swiss medical, wellness and R & D teams, we strive to develop high-quality cell therapeutic products to fulfill the needs of the body, mind and soul; towards creating a better quality of life for all.


To be strictly disciplined and professionally trained;
With a caring heart, disseminate the latest wellness knowledge and healthcare information through proper education;
Listen, answer and care about others with our hearts;
Together, promote the norms of care and thus spread the warmth.


To create the healthcare miracle – to optimize health, vitality, youth and enjoy the true anti-ageing quality of life.