Swiss Stem Cell International Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Helmut Brammer
Honorary Chairman
Czecho-Slovak Association of Anti Ageing Medicine
Czech Republic

“ Don’t just treat your failing organ, you have to treat all supporting organs to get the best results ”

Dr Abigail Eichmann, PhD
Medical Director & Cell Biologist
IFCTP Cell Therapy Research & Development Centres
Europe & U.S.A.

“ iPSCs treats the cause, not only the symptoms ”

Dr. Schaffer Rothbauer, PhD
Head of Laboratories & Cell Biologist
IFCTP Cell Therapy Research & Development Centres
Europe & U.S.A.

“ Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy possesses powerful potentials in restoring proper and correct functions of body systems regardless of their present condition “

Dr Kurtis Schweinsberg, PhD
Medical Director of Global Development
IFCTP Cell Therapy Research & Development Centres
Europe & U.S.A.

“ The vital part of induced pluripotent stem cell therapy as regenerative medicine is not only about treating the disease, it is to restore and regenerate all body systems to optimisefunctionality, and thus, allowing it to heal itself naturally ”

Dr Marelda Kietzman
Laboratory Director & Immunologist
Günter & Klaus Biologika AG

“ iPSCs will turn off your over aggressive immune system and in the back it sets up self-regeneration –that’s perfect healing”

Dr Ingall Schleiger
Research Director and Geneticist
Laboratoire Schaub AG

“ We are made of cells, so let’s repair them and let the healing begin”

Dr Maxwell Carley
Cardiac Surgeon & Consultant Cardiologist
Emory Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia

“ Induced pluripotent stem cell research will prolong life, improve life and give hope for life to millions of people “

Dr Lynette Beam
General Dermatologist & Dermatologic Surgeon
Birmingham Hospital, Alabama

“ iPSCs therapyhas the potential to treat a multitude of diseases and illnesses that have been labelled ‘incurable “